WordPress Development

WordPress Security Tip: Remove Generator Meta Tag (wp_generator)

Sometimes when a security hole is found in WordPress, the cyber-baddies will target specific versions of WordPress that are vulnerable to the exploit. There’s no easier way for them to see which version a site is running, than by looking for the “generator” meta tag, which is added by the wp_head() function.

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WordPress Snippet: Display multiple loops on the same page

Let’s say that on a category page of your WordPress blog, you want to display a secondary list of posts, for example the 3 latest posts from a “featured” category. You have a couple of good options here.

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WordPress Function: in_category_extended()

The core WordPress function in_category() is pretty handy but it’s also pretty basic. in_category_extended() is designed to extend the functionality of in_category() by examining descendant categories aswell as the current one.

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