Web Development Resources

We’re pretty particular about the tools we like to work with: Magento for Ecommerce, WordPress for CMS, jQuery for enhanced UI. Under the hood we like driving with the LAMP framework (Debian Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP). Everything we do here at Sycha relies on open source so hopefully we can give back something through this collection of web development resources.

jQuery: get a specific ancestor of an element

Here’s a nicer way to get an ancestor element without chaining calls to parent().parent() etc.

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Magento Tip: Enable Google Sitemap XML

Magento has good support for generating a Google Sitemap XML file, there are just a few steps to the process.

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WordPress Command Line Database Upgrade

If you’re like me and manage dozens of WordPress sites, you’ve probably got a shared code base which allows you to upgrade the WordPress filesystem easily.. But most likely you’ve also found it painful to have to visit each wp-admin individually and click the “Update WordPress Database” button. Ever wanted to script this task to run from the command line? Here you go 🙂

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Merge AVI files in Debian Linux

Here’s a nice quick way to merge 2 or more AVI files into 1. Add Debian Multimedia to your sources list vi /etc/apt/sources.listvi /etc/apt/sources.list I’m currently using Squeeze – change to your distro as necessary deb http://deb-multimedia.org squeeze maindeb http://deb-multimedia.org squeeze main apt-get updateapt-get update Install the Debian Multimedia keyring apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring Install these […]

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Magento Performance Boost: Enable Log Cleaning

Magento has automated log cleaning functionality built in, but it is not enabled by default. Here’s how to turn it on.

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