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Merge AVI files in Debian Linux

Here’s a nice quick way to merge 2 or more AVI files into 1. Add Debian Multimedia to your sources list vi /etc/apt/sources.listvi /etc/apt/sources.list I’m currently using Squeeze – change to your distro as necessary deb squeeze maindeb squeeze main apt-get updateapt-get update Install the Debian Multimedia keyring apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring Install these […]

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Linux tip: Mirror a website with one easy command (wget)

I often find myself having to setup a static copy of a website. If I have command line access to the host then it’s simple enough to tar up the filesystem and database, but if I only have web access then this little gem saves me a lot of time.

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LAMP setup guide: Configure Debian Linux for Apache, MySQL and PHP

Here at Sycha, we’re full advocates of the LAMP web development suite. This article is a step by step guide to setting up a Linux server running Debian with stable versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Also included are some performance tweaks to default settings, sys admin tips, and info on sending email with Exim.

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