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Magento Tip: Enable Google Sitemap XML

Magento has good support for generating a Google Sitemap XML file, there are just a few steps to the process.

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Magento Performance Boost: Enable Log Cleaning

Magento has automated log cleaning functionality built in, but it is not enabled by default. Here’s how to turn it on.

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Magento Performance Boost: Cleanup Old Session Files

If left unchecked, Magento session files can grow out of control and have a negative impact on your sites performance (aswell as taking up storage space). This article explains how to make sure old session files are removed automatically.

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Magento Tip: Setting Up Cron (Scheduled Tasks)

Magento has it’s own cron (scheduled tasks) system which handles such things as newsletter sends, sitemap generation and database log cleaning. To activate this system, you need to set up a cron job on the server to run Magento’s cron script at a regular interval.

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Magento: Enable Terms & Conditions checkbox at Checkout

A very common requirement for online shop owners is to force the customer to accept their terms and conditions before placing an order. When a client requested this recently, I was happy to find that Magento has this functionality built in, meaning time saved and no custom coding. It just requires some setting up in the admin, here’s how.

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