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10 Free Concrete Textures; Cracked and Grunge Textures

Some more ultra handy concrete textures from around my house. There’s a lot containing cracks, and of course excellent grunge textures. High resolution 3872 x 2595 (300 pixels/inch). Click on the thumbnails below to download the full sized texture image. I used “Concrete 712″ for the above banner image. Free for personal or commercial use! […]

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Paper Textures Free & High Res

Below is an eclectic assortment of paper and card textures for your downloading pleasure. It’s basically interesting paper and card I had lying around my office. I’ve included 3 pieces of origami paper, not for their texture but because I noticed they looked pretty with my textured paper. I love using paper texture in web […]

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Portfolio Web Design Inspirations

Recently I undertook the daunting task of redesigning my online portfolio. Below are some online portfolios that I like or love…maybe it will inspire you! I have a strong preference at the moment for the minimal style. Why over complicate the design? Ultimately, it’s your work that must shine. Elegantly designed websites are what I […]

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10 Free High Resolution Concrete Textures

Create maximum texture with these free high resolution concrete textures. There’s layers of paint peeling off, chipping, bubbling and scratched off the aged and weathered concrete. These textures have an excellent level of grunge factor. I found these beautiful textures at an old, kids playground in Murchison while passing through and had to photograph them. […]

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Convert Rough Doodles to Edgy Stock Art

doo·dle [dood-l] A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. I am always doodling while on the phone, often over important work related notes. While not all doodles are worth keeping, some are. What follows below is a quick and easy photoshop tutorial to use […]

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