10 Free Grunge Textures (Concrete & Brick)

Free Grunge Textures

So here’s 10 Free High Resolution Textures for your art / design needs. I shot all these grunge textures around my place, well mostly in the garage. All the textures are concrete and brick in this series and have a nice high resolution 3872 x 2595 (300 pixels/inch). Click on the thumbnails below to download the full sized texture image.

I used “Concrete 925” for the above banner image.

Free for personal or commercial use!

925 Grunge Texture Thumb

Concrete 925
Cracked concrete. Also a dead bug in the shot.

Free High Resolution Concrete Texture 922

Concrete 922
Mildew / water stained concrete.

Grunge Brick Texture 910

Brick 910
Close up old brick.

Old Brick Grunge Texture 912

Brick 912
Close up very old brick. Interesting grey colours.

Old Brick Grunge Texture 913

Brick 913
Close up old brick. Nice grooves. White paint droplet.

Stone Concrete Texture 917

Concrete 917
Concrete made up with little stones.

Grunge Concrete Texture 908

Concrete 908
Concrete with natural gradient.

Concrete Texture 920

Concrete 920
Brushed concrete. Subtle horizontal lines.

Concrete Texture 921

Concrete 921
Dirty / marked concrete. Nice grunge factor.

Concrete Texture 923

Concrete 923
Dirty / marked concrete. Nice grunge factor.

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8 Responses to “10 Free Grunge Textures (Concrete & Brick)”

  1. Added some to my textures collection. I can use them for an upcoming webdesign. Thanks!

  2. Just been looking for some cool textures. Looks like I just found some

    • I’ve been getting plenty of use out of the concrete textures myself, so I captured another lot today. Check my new bunch of free textures!

  3. nice work . Thank you