10 Free High Resolution Concrete Textures

Concrete Paint Grunge Texture Banner

Create maximum texture with these free high resolution concrete textures. There’s layers of paint peeling off, chipping, bubbling and scratched off the aged and weathered concrete. These textures have an excellent level of grunge factor.

I found these beautiful textures at an old, kids playground in Murchison while passing through and had to photograph them. As yet I haven’t used them on any project.

My high res textures are free for use in both commercial and non-commercial projects!

I used a portion Concrete Texture 1325 scaled down in the above banner.

Click on the thumbnails below to download the full sized concrete texture image.

Concrete Texture 1330
Red paint has worn away over the years to reveal concrete below.

Concrete Texture 1336
9-92 embedded on concrete. Turquoise and white paint.

Concrete Texture 1326
Weathered, old, white paint peels from concrete.

Concrete Texture 1335
Old, yellow paint circle on concrete. Concrete has a darkening gradient towards bottom.

Concrete Texture 1338
Weathered, old, white paint peels from concrete. More paint, less concrete texture.

Concrete Texture 1331
Scratched, old, red paint reveals concrete texture below. Interesting line of darker maroon paint.

Concrete Texture 1325
Aged and weathered duck-egg-blue paint on concrete. A little orange and white paint also.

Concrete Texture 1334
Red paint in various levels of deterioration reveals concrete below. Urban decay.

Concrete Texture 1327
Aged mustard, white and orange paint on concrete.

Concrete Texture 1337
Rough aged concrete. Very little paint remains.

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  1. these are gorgeous. thanks.

  2. Thank you Thank you ! these are beautiful