10 Free High Resolution Paper Textures

Paper Texture Banner

I have been using a quite a few aged paper textures recently so thought I’d give a little back. Below are 10 Free High Resolution Paper Textures that I have photographed or scanned in. I have a preference for grunge textures, so the paper images below are of some nicely aged paper, complete with stains and marks. Some of the paper comes from a book I inherited from my Grandma which is coming up to being 100 years old.

I used “Card 102” to create the above banner.

Click on the thumbnails below to download the full sized texture image.

Free for personal or commercial use!

Aged Paper Texture 101

Paper 101
Aged paper from a paperback (1975).

Aged Card Texture 102

Card 102
Aged card from a paperback cover (1975).

Aged Paper Texture 103

Paper 103
Very old paper (1914). Cropped one edge

Aged Transparent Paper Texture

Paper 104
Old transparent paper used to protect pages with coloured print (1914).

Aged Paper Texture 105

Paper 105
Damaged old paper (1914). Would make good treasure map.

Aged Paper Texture 106

Paper 106
Less aged / damaged paper (1914). Subtle marks / texture.

Aged Paper 107

Paper 107
Aged Paper. Cropped one side.

Opened Book Paper Texture 108

Paper 108
Opened paperback book.

Aged Paper Texture 109

Paper 109
Aged inside cover from paperback book. Cropped one side.

Aged Paper Notes 110

Paper 110
Someone’s notes I found in old book. Has text about relaxation.

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  1. Thanks for the nice textures. I can use paper 106 for a flipping book i’m building for a kids site.
    CU-around 🙂

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  4. Thanks for the positve feedback. I will endeavour to upload more of my paper textures this month for all your commercial and personal projects…

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