Black & White Website Design Inspirations

Far from being boring, the contrast between black and white and the use of monochromatic color schemes can have a dramatic effect on the design of a website. Black and white designs have long been favoured with photographers portfolio websites. A limited or stark colour palette can make other featured images, such as photographs, pop off the page. With the lack of lots of saturated colours competing for your attention, the viewer’s eye finds it easier to focus on what is important.

Despite the limited use of colour, it’s interesting to note how the black and white websites are still able to vary greatly. From refined and clean, minimalist design of Chanel, to the grunge and cool of Hellcat Records.

Hellcat Records
Hellcat Records

Hoops Photography
Hoops Photography



Lowdtown Friends & Freaks
Lowdtown Website

Converse Website

CHANEL Website

Ork Posters
Ork Posters Website

Design Chapel
Design Chapel Website

Axid Website

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3 Responses to “Black & White Website Design Inspirations”

  1. Black and white websites are very modern and catchy, I am a huge fan of them!

    • Me too! Modern and often chic. I’m actually redesigning my own personal website at the moment, and going for a minimalist look using predominantly black & white.

  2. Thanks for these wonderful ideas on black and white design, The Nouincolour caught my eye, Im looking to implement something like that for my school project