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Below is an eclectic assortment of paper and card textures for your downloading pleasure. It’s basically interesting paper and card I had lying around my office. I’ve included 3 pieces of origami paper, not for their texture but because I noticed they looked pretty with my textured paper.

I love using paper texture in web work. It’s a small injection of the organic and less-than-perfect, into the sterile digital world.

I used Origami Paper 007, Card Texture 006 and Pink Textured Paper 031 to make the above banner. I hope you find these textures useful.

Click on the thumbnails below to download the full sized texture image.

Blue Textured Paper 022
A few nice irregular areas and a good texture.

Origami Paper 011
Classic Japanese origami paper. No texture just pretty.

Origami Paper 007
Classic Japanese origami paper. No texture just print.

Blue Textured Handmade Paper 034
Nice irregular areas and a good texture.

Card Texture 006
This is a goodie! Beautiful texture that’s versatile.

Pink Textured Paper 031
Subtle texture, loud colour but looks great desaturated.

Ruled Paper 004
Handy for overlaying text or illustrations.

Biege Textured Handmade Paper 020
Multi-coloured fibres add to the overall texture.

Peach Handmade Paper 009
Interesting longer fibre overlays.

Origami Paper 012
Simply beautiful design.

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4 Responses to “Paper Textures Free & High Res”

  1. Thanks so much Melissa! I’m putting together a project for class and this is just what I needed. It’s much appreciated!!! 🙂

  2. Ooh, perfect! Just the thing for my film! Thank you so much.

  3. i just luv these designs they’re just sooooo pretty!!!!!!! : )

  4. Totally cute. very nice designs.