Web Development Resources

We’re pretty particular about the tools we like to work with: Magento for Ecommerce, WordPress for CMS, jQuery for enhanced UI. Under the hood we like driving with the LAMP framework (Debian Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP). Everything we do here at Sycha relies on open source so hopefully we can give back something through this collection of web development resources.

Javascript & jQuery Cheat Sheet

Even the smartest cookies forget things from time to time.. Here’s a collection of Javascript & jQuery code snippets for your reference.

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WordPress Function: in_category_extended()

The core WordPress function in_category() is pretty handy but it’s also pretty basic. in_category_extended() is designed to extend the functionality of in_category() by examining descendant categories aswell as the current one.

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LAMP setup guide: Configure Debian Linux for Apache, MySQL and PHP

Here at Sycha, we’re full advocates of the LAMP web development suite. This article is a step by step guide to setting up a Linux server running Debian with stable versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Also included are some performance tweaks to default settings, sys admin tips, and info on sending email with Exim.

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