Web Development Resources

We’re pretty particular about the tools we like to work with: Magento for Ecommerce, WordPress for CMS, jQuery for enhanced UI. Under the hood we like driving with the LAMP framework (Debian Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP). Everything we do here at Sycha relies on open source so hopefully we can give back something through this collection of web development resources.

Magento Performance Boost: Cleanup Old Session Files

If left unchecked, Magento session files can grow out of control and have a negative impact on your sites performance (aswell as taking up storage space). This article explains how to make sure old session files are removed automatically.

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Magento Tip: Setting Up Cron (Scheduled Tasks)

Magento has it’s own cron (scheduled tasks) system which handles such things as newsletter sends, sitemap generation and database log cleaning. To activate this system, you need to set up a cron job on the server to run Magento’s cron script at a regular interval.

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WordPress: Assign custom CSS classes with the Visual Editor (TinyMCE)

As a WordPress theme developer, it’s very useful to be able to define CSS classes in a theme’s stylesheet, then allow them to be assigned to elements by the user with the Visual editor. Classic examples would be special classes to style links, lists and images.

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WordPress: Specify a different version of jQuery with wp_enqueue_script()

I find using the wp_enqueue_script function a nice tidy way to include javascript files in my theme. Especially when using scripts that come bundled with WordPress, such as jQuery, script.aculo.us, etc. However I recently had an issue with the very cool Fancybox jQuery plugin not playing nice with the version of jQuery that shipped with WordPress. Here’s the solution.

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jQuery: Smooth Scrolling Internal Anchor Links

Here’s a neat little jQuery trick to fancy up your internal anchor links, by making them scroll smoothly to their target as opposed to jumping instantly.

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