Web Development Resources

We’re pretty particular about the tools we like to work with: Magento for Ecommerce, WordPress for CMS, jQuery for enhanced UI. Under the hood we like driving with the LAMP framework (Debian Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP). Everything we do here at Sycha relies on open source so hopefully we can give back something through this collection of web development resources.

Magento: Add a custom field to the Contact Us Form

Magento’s default contact form asks the user for the essential contact info, e.g. name, email etc.. But you may need to ask for some additional info by adding some custom fields. Here’s how to do it.

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Magento: Add a custom State / Province / Region to a Country

If you need to add a custom State / Province / Region to a Country in Magento, you’ll need to modify the database manually as there currently isn’t a means to do this from within the Magento admin. Fortunately it’s pretty simple.

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Magento Database Models, Helpers and Raw SQL Queries

The best way to access and manipulate data in Magento is by using the provided objects and their associated functionality. If you really need to deal with raw queries you can do that too.

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Stand alone Magento scripts

Before running any stand alone scripts that use core Magento objects and functionality, you need to make sure Magento is properly initialised. Add this snippet to the top of your script, updating the path according to your installation.

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WordPress Snippet: Display multiple loops on the same page

Let’s say that on a category page of your WordPress blog, you want to display a secondary list of posts, for example the 3 latest posts from a “featured” category. You have a couple of good options here.

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